Please note: Reclaim’s bulk clear-out service is unavailable from December 2018 to January 2019.

Do you need a bulk clear out of archived papers from your storeroom? If so, we thought you might be interested in an additional one-off service we can offer. We can collect boxes of unwanted paper documents from your storeroom and arrange for them to be recycled for less than the cost of sending them to a landfill. We supply the containers for you to load suitable documents, brochures and files, we then collect and arrange for them to be recycled into new paper products.

Please register your interest here and a representative will contact you and provide a quote.

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Bulk Clear-Out Conditions

This offer applies to large quantities of clean paper-based documents only (such as office paper, reports, brochures, leaflets, newspapers, magazines, phonebooks). In ticking the box below, I confirm that all materials will first be checked by our company prior to Reclaim collecting and that Reclaim reserves the right to refuse to collect unsuitable materials that contain non-paper components or soiled materials (such as ring binders, cds, soiled paper, window envelopes, towels, coated papers, cups).

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