Reclaim 5-Point Recycling Process

  1. We help develop recycling policies and procedures for customers, so used resources are reclaimed rather than being treated as rubbish.
  2. We ensure the right type of disposal systems are in place, depending on waste type, frequency and volume.
  3. We provide timely collection of recovered resources, using specially designed collection vehicles.
  4. We carefully sort and prepare recyclables for optimum resource quality for future product manufacture.
  5. We maintain effective supply and trading arrangements with recycled product manufacturers, adhering to sustainability principles and providing recycled product assurance.

Fully commingled-collection systems, that gather a huge range of different materials in one bag or bin and then compact them frequently, can create materials unsuitable for reprocessing.

Source-separated collection systems, used by Reclaim, produce materials that can be reliably reprocessed, in NZ and overseas, creating real and credible recycling benefits for everyone.

By focussing on real recycling philosophies, Reclaim, our reprocessing customers, and our business customers, can collectively be assured of recycling certainty.

Our Sustainability Policy is listed under Company Documents within the Downloads section of our Help Desk.

Contact Reclaim to help your business be more sustainable, it makes good business sense and good environmental sense.