Recycling & Sustainability Quiz

Test your recycling and sustainability knowledge, try and complete our multiple choice quiz. You will be shown any questions you get wrong. There are 10 questions and all answers can be found on this website. Good luck.

Auckland Council zero waste target *
Auckland Council wants to progressively achieve zero waste status by when?
Cost of landfill waste is increasing *
Recent legislation has introduced a landfill waste levy and this cost will be passed down to waste producers - i.e. Auckland businesses. What is the levy per tonne of landfill waste?

Source-separated collection system *
For a recycling company, what is the main advantage of receiving resources from a source-separated collection system?
Auckland landfill waste paper tonnage *
How many tonnes of waste paper is estimated to be going to landfill in Auckland every year.
Auckland landfill waste paper tonnage
Savings estimated for Auckland businesses *
What is the estimated annual savings that Auckland businesses could make if the paper and cardboard still being sent to landfills was recycled?
Lifecycles for recycled paper *
Typically, how many times can the same paper pieces be recycled before the fibres become too short for complete binding?
Cardboard colour difference *
Why is cardboard brown, compared to the bright white found in paper?
Polystyrene plates and cutlery *
Which one of these new products cannot be made from recycled polystyrene plates and cutlery?
Properties of metal and glass containers *
Steel cans, Tin cans, Aluminium cans, Glass bottles and Glass jars all share one important recycling aspect, what is it?
Properties of  metal and glass containers
Tonnes of recyclable solids collected by Reclaim *
How many tonnes of paper, cardboard, glass, steel and aluminium, on average each month, does Reclaim collect for recycling?