Our Values

The team at Reclaim has chosen 6 values to guide our beliefs, attitudes and actions:

Caring: It’s the whole team that counts.
We show genuine concern for everything we do and everyone we help, we're caring together.

Learning: We’re recycling our knowledge.
We continually strengthen our knowledge and grow our abilities, we're learning together.

Sharing: No one’s kept in the dark.
We communicate the things that matter through effective information exchanges, we're sharing together.

Trusting: We don’t let each other down.
We back ourselves and our colleagues to keep the promises we make, we're trusting each other.

Leading: Our success depends on each other.
We strive to be the best at what we do and encourage mutual success, we're leading together.

Inspiring: We’re here to make a difference.
We show enthusiasm and interest in how we each add value to the business, we're inspiring each other.