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Reclaim's goal is to shift attitudes about waste. It should no longer be treated as rubbish and dismissed as worthless; it should be valued and re-used as a future resource. We want to ensure these resources are processed properly at dedicated recycling centres, rather than be buried in a landfill.

We specialise in providing recycling solutions specific to your business. All our services are tailored to achieve your businesses waste reduction and sustainability goals. Reclaim provides regular collection services on a daily, weekly, fortnightly or an ‘on-demand’ collection basis. We also provide recycling guidance, advice and assurance.

Reclaim is serious about recycling.

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Recycling Week 2023

Recycling Week is all about educating New Zealanders of best practice waste minimization and recycling and encouraging conscious procurement and disposal of items and packaging, to create a waste free future for New Zealand.

Launched in 2013, an ever-increasing number of organizations (schools, corporates and everyone in between) are having fun and learning by taking part in the week.

Each day of Recycling Week features an easy-to-remember theme that will challenge and encourage you to re-think your waste minimization and recycling behaviours. Each of these themes has plenty of activations, interactions and games to select from.

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