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Recycling Week


About Recycling Week

Recycling Week is an annual initiative to raise awareness and educate New Zealand on best practices for waste minimisation and recycling. Encouraging conscious procurement and disposal of items, creating a waste-free future for New Zealand.

Launched in 2013, an ever-increasing number of organisations (schools, corporates and everything in between) are having fun and learning by taking part in the week.

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Back to Basics

In 2024 we are going back to basics when it comes to waste minimisation.
This year's theme focuses on the first step of any waste minimisation journey.
Whether this is your first or eleventh Recycling Week, to successfully kickstart your waste minimisation journey you need to:

"Understand your waste"

Only through full understanding of the problem can a sustainable solution be achieved.

Get involved

How to Get Involved

This year we are introducing different ways to get involved in Recycling Week. By selecting a programme you will receive tailored resources and instructions on how to bring Recycling Week to life in a way that works for your organisation.


Educators Playbook
With grade specific activities
With grade specific activities
Generic Assets
Icons & Logos
Including daily focus icons
Including daily focus icons
Including daily focus posters
Including daily focus posters
Basic level activities
Full suite with templates
Full suite with templates
Daily focus specific assets
With options
With options
5x Daily Webinars
5x Daily Quizzes
Case Studies
Previous Webinars
Waste Minimisation strategy
Bespoke activation plan

Participants Hub

As a participant you get instant access to all Recycling Week resources based on the plan you are signed up to. Our new hub is your one-stop-shop for all our icons, logos, assets, resources, webinar and quiz links, etc.

We are busy getting the hub up and running for you in the lead up to Recycling Week.






Case Studies

More info to come

Our Participating Businesses

Recycling Week is a nationwide campaign that involves organisations all around the country. While recycling services may vary across the country, there are many ways you can minimise your waste, regardless of where you are located!

Check out what businesses are joining us in our campaign and support their work in improving waste and recycling in New Zealand.

Our participants map can be found in the Participants Hub.

Get involved

Map of NZ showing Recycling Week Participants

Our Partners

Hundreds of businesses, schools, local governments and community organisations participate in Recycling Week each year.

A number of those also help bring Recycling Week to life, helping drive education, reaching more New Zealanders, creating resources, providing financial support and reducing the overall proportion of waste ending up in landfill.

Partnerships allow us to provide resources to participants and assist in running activations to engage staff, students and everyone else.

Interested in supporting us? Reach out by using the button below.

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