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Confidential Paper Shredding

A large percentage of paper waste generated in an office is secure or confidential paper (documents, files and reports etc). Many companies do not want staff or strangers inspecting this information and request it be made secure on site, and then confidentially destroyed and recycled.

Reclaim has designed a simple and effective system for the secure destruction and recycling of confidential business paper. Reclaim has provided this service to small, medium and large organisations for over 15 years.

Our secure service exceeds the New Zealand Security Association (NZSA) standards.

What are your options?

Locked 240 or 120 litre wheelie bins
Paper is collected from locked 240 or 120 litre wheelie bins. The paper is then securely transported to our dedicated document destruction facility where it is shredded before recycling. Your secure bin can be emptied on a regular schedule or on-demand basis.

Temporary bins or bulk collections
Are also available for short-term use, office clear-outs and removal of historic records requiring secure and confidential destruction.

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