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Green Waste

Green Waste to Compost

Reclaim is passionate about recycling. It makes sense then that we also offer clients a GREEN waste solution that is environmentally responsible.

Reclaim will guarantee that all uncontaminated green waste is collected, processed and returned to a biological state for reuse as compost, a truly circular outcome. By using the Reclaim GREEN bin service you are helping to make a difference and keep readily useable resource out of landfill.

We offer a simple and cost effective on demand service collected kerbside at your property. Simply click on the link below and enter your details. We will deliver a bin to your address and once you have advised us of your required service frequency we will come by and collect your Green Waste.

The obvious exclusions of flax bamboo and noxious weeds apply but we can take your biological (no plastic packaging) foodwaste e.g. vegetables, fruit etc excluding uncooked meat, fish and poultry.

The cost is $15 per bin empty.

What goes in your Reclaim Green Bin?

Generally any cuttings or small branches from your garden that you can fit your hand around, as well as foodwaste including cooked meats.

What don’t we want?

Any other Wood (boards or timber), Uncooked meats, Bamboo, flax & noxious weeds and no soil or turf please.

Other than that you should be all good, just make your pick-up booking (no need to wait for a set collection) and place your bin on the kerbside the evening before collection (as we may be through around 7.30am)

As a welcome we will credit your 4th collection as well.

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If you require an unscheduled collection, please request it via our Customer Portal.

We can provide your business with integrated waste and recycling solutions.

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