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How to Recycle?


Your local council will help you recycle properly.

This is where you can find out what is happening in your own region. Your local council or a community group may well be undertaking recycling initiatives or can simply offer you help.


A high percentage of recycled resources are collected from businesses, as manufacturing waste and as waste collected from customers.

Businesses play a key role in helping reduce waste to landfill. The volume of waste generated at commercial sites as well as the level of separation and accessibility to services place businesses in a favourable position to separate and recycle more materials than at the residential level.

Businesses considering sustainability targets and objectives must look at waste minimisation strategies, understand their waste make up and track progress towards minimising waste destined to landfill in favour of procuring recyclable alternatives or phasing waste streams out completely.

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Living Waste Free

One of the best ways that we can show our dedication to our environment is to take a pledge to live as waste-free as possible. It comes down to "Three R" mantra of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

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Recycling Directory

Sustainable Business Network (SBN)'s Circular Economy Directory is designed to help businesses reduce environmental impact and carbon emissions.

Connecting businesses seeking circular solutions to business that can help design out waste and pollution, keeping products and materials in use and regenerate nature.

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Resources providing information, links and guidance on what is acceptable across each recycling stream, what is the difference across council regions, reports, websites and services around the country that assist recycling.

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Government Strategies

Numerous government initiatives are in place to assist recycling and to encourage more recycling to take place.

Find out what they are in the link below.

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