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If your business is considering a journey toward sustainability with waste reduction a part of that goal, you cannot know how or what to improve without properly understanding the issue. Reclaim has developed a wide range of advisory services to assist your business in reducing waste to landfill and adopting effective recycling habits.

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Reclaim Waste Audit

A waste audit is the perfect starting point and often regarded as the foundation process for a commitment to a more sustainable workplace. An audit clearly provides detailed findings that enable you to mark your improvement against a substantiated original position and also provides insights into the areas for most effort. An audit involves:

  • A site visit to determine logistics of the audit.
  • Supplying dedicated audit bins to intercept the waste for auditing.
  • Transporting the collected waste to our dedicated Reclaim Audit Facility.
  • Separating the waste into the main recycling streams available in NZ.
  • Recording (through weighing and photographing) the different recycling streams.
  • Providing a comprehensive audit report detailing the audit method, results, statistics, descriptions of waste and recycling identified, photographs and key recommendations to reduce waste, maximise recycling and reduce contamination of recycling streams at your business.

Reclaim Recycling Education Sessions

Practical recycling education sessions that include:

  • Why it is important to recycle.
  • Where our recycling and waste ends up at its end of use, with a particular spotlight on the damage plastic is doing to the environment.
  • What is recyclable.
  • The different recycling streams available at your business and how to use these correctly, including a demonstration where common items of your waste are deposited on a table and discussion takes place as to what bin each waste item should be disposed of in.
  • Question time to get those tough recycling questions answered.
  • An interactive quiz (through attendees cell phones) to test the recycling knowledge of attendees.
Other educative tools, such as bespoke Waste Bin Displays, Recycling Quizzes, and intranet material to engage and influence staff to adopt effective recycling habits, are also available.

Reclaim Review of On-site Recycling Systems

Investigation into the recycling and waste framework at your business that identifies:

  • The recycling policies and goals in place.
  • The bin infrastructure.
  • The recycling and waste processes and how waste and recycling quantities are monitored and measured.
  • Recommendations on:
    • Bin placement, bin liners, and bin signage.
    • Approach to monitor and measure waste and recycling and educate staff and cleaners on adopting effective recycling habits.
    • Reduction targets of waste to landfill.

These advisory services are customisable based on your sustainability objectives and the advances you want to see in reducing waste to landfill and maximising recycling.

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