About Us


Established in 1975 as Paper Reclaim, we rebranded as Reclaim in 2012 to reflect our broad range of services and our important position in the recycling market. We have enjoyed steady growth, and are now recognised as the market leader in the commercial collection and processing of recyclable cardboard, waste paper, glass bottles, plastic film and containers.

Reclaim is now the largest privately owned supplier of recyclable resources in New Zealand employing over 100 people. We separate recyclable products at source, then sort and distribute them properly to provide reprocessing manufacturers with refined quality recyclable materials.

The company has a fleet of more than 30 trucks and associated vehicles which enables the provision of regular collection services on a daily, weekly, fortnightly or an ‘on-demand’ collection basis. On average, our collection trucks make in excess of 30,000 site visits per month. Reclaim operates processing plants in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch. The head office is located in Penrose, Auckland. Upon arrival at the processing plants, the various grades of materials are sorted to remove contaminants and then compacted into high-density bales. Reclaim handles in excess of 350 tonnes of recyclables per day. This material is recycled either locally or internationally back into new products.

Our sponsorship of recycle.co.nz for all New Zealanders reinforces our commitment to the well-being of future generations. Find recycle.co.nz on Facebook.

Our Brand Vision

Waste is an integral part of life; it cannot be ignored. We all have an obligation to dispose of waste responsibly and contribute towards a better environment for future generations.

While we are all responsible for maintaining our quality of life, New Zealand needs someone from the recycling industry to lead the way. Reclaim aspires to become the champion of business waste recycling, regarded as the industry expert and recognised as the leading recycling brand.

We want to shift attitudes about waste. It should no longer be treated as rubbish and dismissed as worthless, it should be valued and re-used as a future resource. We want to ensure these resources are processed properly at dedicated recycling centres, rather than be buried in a landfill.

Our goal is to extend our tailored services to all businesses so they are able to achieve their waste reduction and sustainability goals. Our mission is to provide recycling guidance, advice and assurance, by assisting the recovery of as many valuable recyclable resources as possible, ensuring more recycled products are manufactured.

Reclaim is serious about recycling.

100% New Zealand 0% Landfill
Our Values

Our Values

The team at Reclaim has chosen 6 values to guide our beliefs, attitudes and actions:

Caring: It’s the whole team that counts.

We show genuine concern for everything we do and everyone we help, we're caring together.

Learning: We’re recycling our knowledge.

We continually strengthen our knowledge and grow our abilities, we're learning together.

Sharing: No one’s kept in the dark.

We communicate the things that matter through effective information exchanges, we're sharing together.

Trusting: We don’t let each other down.

We back ourselves and our colleagues to keep the promises we make, we're trusting each other.

Leading: Our success depends on each other

We strive to be the best at what we do and encourage mutual success, we're leading together.

Inspiring: We’re here to make a difference

We show enthusiasm and interest in how we each add value to the business, we're inspiring each other.