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Identifying Recyclables

Identifying Recyclables

When it comes to recycling, anything can be recycled if there is enough volume, however materials such as cardboard, paper, glass, aluminium and plastics are the most commonly recycled.

This section helps you understand how to identify these recyclable resources and how to procure the most recyclable options.

Given the nature of the industry, recyclability of products is ever evolving, meaning some recycling information below may be outdated.

Be aware:

  • Bio-degradable doesn’t necessarily mean compostable and therefore should be treated as waste unless designated with accepted compostable certification.
  • Component plastics/products are in nature recyclable if separated. Without separation the materials may be treated as non-viable to sort.
  • Recyclability of materials vary across countries as well as local regions in New Zealand. Therefore, double check with local recyclers before disposal.
  • One stage recycling is merely deferring from landfill and not truly circular. For a circular economy to be achieved, virgin materials must be replaced by existing resources. For more information on circular economy click here.