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Customer Portal

Once you have been granted access to our Customer Portal you will be able to manage many of your account services online. We now have over 500 customers using the Customer Portal, the following can be undertaken:

  • View Site Locations
  • Request Collections
  • Download Usage Reports
  • Analyse Usage Data
  • Download Statements

The Customer Portal will allow you, our valued customer, to access specific information. The security procedures prohibit anyone else viewing your data. Once you have entered your secure area you will only be allowed to view information relevant to your account. Our Services FAQ section provides help on how to resolve any registration or connection problems you may encounter.

Register Here For Your Customer Login

Existing customers can gain access to the Customer Portal by registering through the form linked below. In order to register you will need your email address and your Reclaim account number. Once you have received your login confirmation it is your responsibility to keep these details safe.