Glass Recycling


The Reclaim Difference

Reclaim offers a range of glass recycling services for the efficient and effective collection of glass bottles and jars.

Using recycled glass bottles and jars in the manufacture of new glass containers provides energy savings, reduction in carbon dioxide emissions and conserves natural resources. Glass is uniquely sustainable as it can be recycled again and again without loss in quality, purity, or clarity.

Reclaim collects around 900 tonnes of glass bottles and jars each month and arranges for this to be made into new products. By recycling your glass you will reduce your cost of waste to landfill and ensure that an important resource is not wasted. If we are not yet collecting your glass please get in touch with us.

Glass Bottles To Be Recycled

What can be recycled?

Waste resources
various glass bottles and jars.

Pre or post-consumer waste
All glass is post-consumer.

Waste supplier profile
Sourced from a wide range of cafés, restaurants, shopping centres, public services and social venues.

Products types remanufactured
Turned into new jars and bottles.

Glass recycling has specific requirements to remanufacture only glass bottles and jars can be reused, no other form of glass such as window glass or drinking glasses can be used. Broken crockery, drinking glasses or plate glass cannot be accepted.

What are your options?

Lockable Glass Collection Bins
If there is risk of rubbish contamination lockable glass collection bins can be supplied. There is a charge for each padlock.

Bulk Bins
Bulk bins are available for large amounts of glass bottles and jars. Bin sizes vary from 10 to 30 cubic metres. Larger bins have three compartments for colour separation into green, brown (amber), and clear (flint).

Glass Collection Bins (formerly known as GlassCycle)
120 or 240 litre wheelie bins are an efficient method for collecting glass bottle, jars and aluminium cans. The 240 bins hold approximately 300 stubbies or 100 wine bottles. Colour separation is not required for glass collection bins.

Bin collection is either on-demand or a regular call schedule depending upon volumes. The GlassCycle bins are either exchanged or emptied on site by a side-loader truck.

The glass is transported to O-I NZ and is reprocessed back into new glass containers.

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